Heart, Head, and Hands Commitment  
Tri-County Head Start is a non-profit organization that provides early childhood education, health, disability and family services to low-income families in Southwest Colorado. Our organization is committed to investing in quality people- the “heart” of who we are. We are committed to implementing quality systems- the “head” that keeps our operations running smoothly. And we are committed to producing quality outcomes- the “hands” that share our excellent results with the community.
“Our classrooms have a close relationship with our community firefighters! In fact, the Pagosa Fire Chief is a graduate of the Mardel Gallegos Head Start Center. Recently, we organized a lesson on fire safety and invited the fire team to present to our students and families. Some of the educational messages focused around having a safe family meeting place in case of emergency, and reminding students about safety basics including 911 and stop, drop and roll.” - Archuleta County Area Supervisor
“Free health screenings are an important part of the Head Start program, and all of the vision and hearing screenings at our center were a great success. Many families were eager to learn the results of their child’s screenings and thanked Head Start for supporting health in addition to education.”   - Head Start Teacher
“As part of our kindergarten readiness goals, our Center organized a reading day with our local elementary school. The older students were paired with our Preschoolers and the student took turns reading to each other. Acknowledging reading levels and establishing student comfort are key components in a students’ successful transition to kindergarten.”   - Head Start Site Director